Monday, April 27, 2009

Kuhala Bay Experience

A few miles from Manila, in a little nook in Cardona, Rizal, lies a paradise called Kuhala Bay Resort. The awesome scenery on the way and the place itself is truly breathtaking. Who would have thought that with just a little more than an hour away from Manila we would find a real haven to relax and unwind last weekend. It was a wonderful experience for me and Jon and the rest of his team. There really are a lot of beautiful places yet to be discovered and experienced in our country and this is just one of them.

(On our way to Cardona, Rizal)

(Kuhala, here we are!!!)

(beautiful scenery!)

(taking a dip in the jacuzzi)

(enjoying the view in the morning)

(at the top gazebo)

(Jon showing off some prowess in billiards)

(Jon with his friends)